Idylls of the King
A play-by-forum Pendragon RPG.

Idylls of the King (our Great Pendragon Campaign) begins in 485 A.D., during the reign of King Uther Pendragon. Uther has already been reigning for 5 years. He has led his armies in many battles, and though not always victorious, he has generally kept the land safe, as had his brother before him.

Historical Comparison: The time of Uther’s reign is equivalent to the Dark Ages. Thus, themes and images of brutality, uncouthness, and ever-present danger are appropriate.

Uther is the King of Logres, but his hold is weak over three of his most powerful lords — the dukes of Cornwall, Caercolun, and Lindsey. Fortunately, the strongest of them all, Duke Ulfius of Silchester (basically, the Thames Valley), is a loyal vassal.

Saxon invaders have established several small but warlike kingdoms on British soil. Their raiders are a constant menace, and there is still a good chance that they will get together an army and attack more cities and lands.

Britain is divided into five areas: Logres, Cambria, Cumbria, Pictland, and Cornwall. Logres is by far the most important. Furthermore, several Saxon kingdoms inhabit the eastern coastal regions.

Idylls of the King

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